Design & Engineering

Cost effective strip processing systems begin with a sound design concept based on customer needs. Jed's many years of practical experience affords the insight into immediate and long-term customer needs with special attention paid to operation and maintenance. This is reflected in substantial time and cost saving from design into production... plus the operating economies associated with heavy duty, well built strip processing equipment that bears the JED nameplate.

Planning Techniques

JED's design and installation planning includes interfacing techniques with existing equipment that assures minimum downtime. Total service includes electrical ( with plug-in interfacing connections) piping, and control packages supplied on a one-source total responsibility basis.


Jed is becoming a widely recognized producer of high quality specialty designed equipment and solutions for the strip processing industry. Organized in 1995, Jed draws on the broad strip processing line and coil handling experience of its capable engineering and management staff whose experience represents over 130 years of engineering and manufacturing strip processing and related equipment. This overall capability has enabled JED to increase customer strip production efficiency, while substantially reducing overhead and operating costs

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